Digital Outdoor of Home Promotions

FLMP has concentrated on the "Personal" form of Digital Out of Home advertising. Smaller, eye-level signs above train stops, in malls, and inside retail locations. This enable the use of QR codes for one off promotions to be more successful and effective for the advertiser. This allows companies to target the WANT, DESIRE and NEED mindset of shoppers today.

Placement in areas such as arcades and train stations captures the last minute attention "something I have forgotten to do" market more presently and acts as a reminder an hook for promoters products.

Some of the companies we have worked with:

The advantages of using a company like FLMP relieves resourses, saves time, minimumises stress and maximumise efficiency. FLMP is highly competive with prices and cost effective with solutions. With a suite of industry experts, it is flexibile and provides open communication and trouble shooting.